When you buy New construction hire a Realtor.

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Since Buyer representation is free.Why not to use a Realtor. It is the job of the agent to be able to represent the Buyer without the client having to do a homework.

 I have stopped doing my own taxes years ago. I enjoy letting the experts handle my affairs that could cost me thousands of dollars. Would you go court without being represented by an attorney?

 A Buyer purchasing new construction needs to be advise because one the most factors for future property's value, an advise of an experience professional about lot location how to take in consideration exposure of lot and ventilation will make a difference.

As a experienced agent we count with a support of an Architect and or interior Design and other professionals that will help all my Buyers.We as a team will save the client money, building with new construction and also builders do not discount the price because the consumer has no representation.

 A home is a huge investment, why not use a professional that has years of experience and knowledge to put to work for you. It is like trying to be your own attorney. Not usually a good idea.

An agent can give you objective professional advice and insight during all phases of the process, such as contract, construction, walk through, and closing.

Would you go court without being represented by an attorney? Of course not. Buyers are represented without charge by a Real Estate Agent . Are you paying more for the home if you use a realtor. The answer is again no!

Do you think I would bring another buyer to a builder that is not sensitive to my client's concerns? Also we do know who are the good builders in the area.

By Sergio Lucena PA Associate Broker at Wiener Lucena Realty Group at RE/MAX Advantage Plus.